Data performance solutions for all businesses

Our inspiration is to create easy to use and secure tools for data aggregation for better decisions in today’s business world.

About Us

Established in 2015, Sabias Labs is a Thailand-based company started by a group of specialists in the field of performance solutions, fraud detection and data analytics. Our extensive experience has led us to the creation of services that include turn-key projects, customized software, security solutions and software that can help SME and Corporate organizations in their day to day operations. 

We specialize in

  • Publishing and tracking tools
  • Software development
  • Security consultancy
  • Data analytics

Publishing Software

To enhance business experience and ensure smooth collaboration between coworkers, we have a series of plug-ins and tools that can be used on top of existing solutions through various APIs.

Software Development

We specialize in a range of programming languages to create turn-key solutions for enterprises around the region. Bring management and sales structures into the cloud today based on what your business requires.

Security Consultancy

The web today is growing at a great pace and that creates a real need to protect business against digital risks such as fraud, hacks and spyware. We help our clients detect and monitor the necessary security infrastructure that look to prevent flaws before they happen.

Data Analytics

We provide insights into the information that you need to bring your business forward. Make better and more efficient decisions for your business, uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights with our in-house data specialists.

Sabias Labs Co., Ltd.
7 Soi Charan SanitWong 45, Arun Amarin
Bongkok Noi
Bangkok 10700

Phone: +66 02 064 4817